The Andy   Power   Band   are   a   newly   formed   band   consisting   of   three   of the   very   best   and   most   experienced   musicians.   Already   the   band   have made   an   impact   upon   the   blues   scene   with   their   own   unique   blend   of funk/rock driven original blues. Based   in   the   North   East   of   the   UK,   this   high   energy   trio   have   will   be releasing   their   first   album   in   2016   which   will   be   all   original   blues   tracks. This   band   are   one   of   the   few   bands   carrying   the   torch   for   original   blues music   and   are   helping   keeping   this   genre   alive.   Check   this   band   out   you will not regret it.
Andy     is     a     professional     guitarist, touring      with      many      artists/bands throughout    the    world.    Teaming    up with    an    impressive    array    of    people over   the   years,   Andy   has   not   limited himself    to    any    one    style.    Present work     includes     composing     for     TV commercials    and    theme    tunes    plus radio   jingles.   Andy   has   also   recently been    working    with    various    DJs    on remixes and original material.
Paul   is   one   of   the   most   sought after   bass   players   in   the   North East. Paul's     unique     bass     playing ideally    compliments    the    trio’s music   and   style.   With   jazz/funk influenced    grooves    to    chord tapping   and   walking   bass   lines this man has it all.
Les   is   one   of   the   top   Drummers   in   the North   East,   and   has   the   grooves   and fills that compliment the trio. With    intelligent    rhythms    and    strong grooves,      Les      has      the            perfect technique    to    astound    and    thrill.    No member   of   the   band   is   as   responsible for   the   energy   level   as   the      drummer, and     Les     provides     that     pace     and intensity in our music.
Andy Power
Paul McClenaghan
Les Crosby